Company Profile 公司簡介

Hop Lee Builders Company Limited, formerly known as Hop Lee Construction Company, was established in 1968. Up to now we have been undertaking construction business in Hong Kong over 50 years. Since 1968, we have been actively participating in construction, maintenance and decoration projects and have developed significant management and technical expertise in these areas. Not only are we engaged in a wide range of public construction works in Hong Kong, we are also devoted to many areas of private construction works. Furthermore, we have been included in various Government Approved Contractor Lists and have been promoted in those Lists as we progress in project experience and corporate development.

We are well staffed with professionally qualified and experienced individuals, the appropriate equipment and financial resources to undertake complex construction projects. We aim to provide the most efficient and reliable service and partnership. Achieving customers’ satisfaction and ensuring the wellbeing of our staff are the key priorities of our company. These two factors are essential for the true success of a construction company and we strongly believe that the construction field is no longer just about the built environment, but also about the people who lives and interacts with it. Consequently, efficiency and reliability have become our major focuses as we propel towards success.

合利營造有限公司之前身為合利建築公司,於1968年成立。至今已在香港建築行業運作超過五十年。在這些年頭裡我們活躍地承接建築、維修保養及裝飾工程。從經驗中,我們發展成為各項工程之管理及技術專才。多年來,我們積極參與各項工務及私人工程,從而晉身成為政府各工務部門的核准承建商名冊中的一分子。在累積之工程經驗及公司茁壯成長期間, 我們於各政府工務部門核准承建商名冊中穩步遞昇。